Part II-Turning a pile of cinder blocks in to a quarantine love nest for one!

Welcome Reader.

Here’s a nice before shot of a wall in Not Quite Yellow, though I guess you call it ‘Cream’, with some kitchen cupboards and shit in it.

Oh and then here you go. Slap on a big fuck off mural and ta-dah!

Yeah! that’s what I’m talking about.

I purchased this mural on Etsy from Aurora Wallpapers.

On my credit card.

Way the fuck back when I didn’t realise I’d be needing my credit card for such luxury items as food. I have however, no regrets. I lean toward escapism in general, but if you’re going to have to spend a lot of time in a place, it’s important it feels like…somewhere else. So you know get yerself some kind of mural where every time you see it you’re like, ‘I’m not in my pensioner parents granny flat, hiding from them so I don’t give them a deadly virus! I’m like, an ant or some other kind of exotic insect, rooting around in a twee fkn fairy jungle. Fuck yeah!’

Japanese tea pot placed for scale and to give homely feel to the photo.

Reader, you can find a lot of these kind of murals on Etsy for varying prices, depending if you want to customise the size, and some come in this ‘peel and stick’ vinyl which you don’t have to use glue for. You can just peel it off if you decide you might want to put it on another wall tomorrow because you’re feeling claustrophobic and you need to change it up, but that kind is more expensive, and no I didn’t get it.

Some more disguising of the cinder block with plants and mirrors and shit.
I spend a lot of nights in taking photo’s of my plants in sexy poses. Check out those stems!

Look at all my fkn glasses

This is a fairly poor, filterless shot of the inside of the inside of my kitchen cupboard. The stained white plastic or whatever it’s coating is kind of depressed me, so I taped up some old Russian and Italian newspapers I had. It’s good to save this kind of shit in case you ever need to tape it up to the inside of a cupboard during a pandemic. It cheers me up.

Check out these assholes. See? Cheery.

I like having these guys greet me when I go get a glass.

” Na Zdorovie comrades!” I say. Then we drink.

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4 thoughts on “Part II-Turning a pile of cinder blocks in to a quarantine love nest for one!

  1. Hi – I found a link to your blog in a review you left for your etsy purchase. I like what you’ve done with the place and think you are absolutely hilarious. I am now inspired to go put up some newspapers on the back of my kitchen cabinets – have been trying to find a use for my many, many New Yorkers. Thank you!

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  2. Same as Renee — I’m here from your etsy post. Thank you from North America for this charming careless monologue. I needed to know I wasn’t the only one. Also, did you see that shop’s print that’s just frame after frame of Frida Kahlo? Perhaps the only person to have ever had a bigger victim complex than my own.

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  3. Also found you on etsy! Thanks so much for posting your pictures. It helps me decide while I’m stuck internet-shopping for something to make my own home feel like “somewhere else”! Looking forward to more from you.

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