PART III-Turning A pile of cinder blocks in to a quarantine love nest for one!

Hello Reader. It’s been a while between Part II and III. Not because I haven’t been decorating me quarantine nest, but more cause I’ve been spending too much time alternately on the internet watching the world burn, and staring out the window lacking the enthusiasm to do anything beyond squint. Which segues nicely in to my re do of the bedroom!

The Boudoir/Inner Spanktum/Rave Cave etc

So here’s a before shot eh.

Fkn Before

For starters I wasn’t having any of this Almost Cream cinder block with mauve feature wall business. I decided to be boring and go for like, just one colour, and that colour was going to be PINK! Not a delicate ‘I can’t believe it’s not beige’ Pink either but the hardcore, bubblegum, unicorn type. It was from Dulux, and it’s called English Rose, which nicely conjures up images of women who look like Jane Seymour demurely accepting wedding proposals inside greenhouses.


Also Before

I decided there was to be no method to the madness really, just a vague theme of ‘Girly as f*ck girls bedroom’. Which you know is always going to be fun, especially because a lot of pubescent lasses actually end up unwittingly creating unpretentious and inimitable monuments to kitsch out of their sad, suburban caves that are complete f*king genius.


I’ve found you can also just chuck a bunch of junk in a big ol’ pile, and as long as it’s vaguely colour coordinated it will look A-OK. You can see here the leftover remnants of my 70’s wallpaper used on my bonza bathroom cabinet in Part I of this design bloody odyssey. Not to mention some other very spiffy wallpaper off cuts I have found nowhere to put, along with some coat hangers, and a broken tambourine! (unfortunately cropped out) Also if you have OK looking clothes, you can pretend you have run out of cupboard space and just hang em off the window ledge and such like a big ol’ born-free, wardrobe- less wanker.

You can’t really accomplish the below unless you own a lot of plastic Madonna’s I suppose. You can however replace these with various other gee-gaws and doo dads, especially horrible twee shit like, I don’t know…thimbles? Plastic stuff from bubble gum machines, half empty nail polish bottles, kewpie dolls, plastic flowers…you get the little girl lost K-Hole I’m going down here.

Fuck yeah, twee girly junk

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that glow in the dark shit is tops. Especially in a quarantine setting. You can really waste a lot of time just staring at this shit. This, some whiskey and a well timed muscle relaxant, really is poor mans acid

Nice rug I’ve had for eons to cover up the weird carpet that totally doesn’t match with bubble gum pink. Not much does really. But yeah unsightly carpet you can’t get rid of? Just chuck something on top to cover it up. You know, like you do with your fears. Also check out the girly, Maximalist bullshit below. It’s a wonder I can even sleep knowing this Frankenstein jigsaw puzzle of shit is going on outside my bed curtains.

There’s some girly boho maximalist bullshit right there. How do I even sleep knowing this riot of shit is going on outside my bed curtains?
Obligatory Madonna print. Also more clothes that really could go in a wardrobe

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