PART IV-Turning A Pile Of Cinder Blocks Into A Quarantine Love Nest For One!


Hello my dear paranoid friends.

I was running out of rooms to do (my cinder block granny flat is only my figurative castle, alas), when I figured, fuck it, let’s cheer up that hallway!!!

It’s not really a hallway per se, because hallway denotes something you walk down rather than something only big enough to take one, nice man-ish step through. But that wasn’t going to stop me turning it in to 36 inch x 52 inches of ecstasy.

Mthfkn before

So after all this business, I needed something that was going to BURN LIKE THE FIRE OF ONE THOUSAND SUNS!


It’s good and bright so that when I’m sitting in the lounge room in the dark I can switch the hall light on and watch it like it’s television. You may not be able to tell, but that’s our old pal Zeftron from Part II on the borders there. So like the same colour as the bathroom only the ”coral” colour of the hall is so ass bleedingly bright it makes it look darker, as seen below. Which is very interesting really if you’d like to have a conversation with yourself about visual perception. I do not.


I also thought that since it’s such a small space I should go grandiose and chuck a big fancy ass portrait of a snooty lady (more things I have ”laying around”) who will take up half the wall and regard me snootily if I go to the bathroom with the door open.

Like this!

Snooty lady, judgemental parrot-I am surrounded by assholes.
Sconce. Very important.

So the hallway kind of looks like a bad set in a Roger Corman movie. Or you know Danger Diabolik’s garage. Anyway, one of those.

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